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Why Does The Power Adapter Heat Up During Use?
Jan 11, 2019

we use the notebook, we may find that the power adapter is hot during use, especially when charging during the hot summer. This is a normal phenomenon because it will be in the process of converting voltage. Energy consumption, a part of the conversion into heat energy is emitted. It is well known that energy conversion will be lost, the existing European and American six-level energy efficiency standard power adapter conversion efficiency is generally between 70% -90%. For example, 12V10A power adapter, six energy efficiency standard efficiency requirements For less than or equal to 88%, the power adapter conversion efficiency is still difficult to find a better conversion method. When the power adapter is performing voltage conversion, some energy is lost, except for a small part of the wave loss. It is emitted in a hot way.


Of course, some inferior power adapters are not excluded, because design defects lead to hot, or inferior components, or no circuit design according to safety standards, because these products do not reach the design temperature rise or other parameters. Safety standards require, and the original power supply is completely incomparable. Therefore, consumers are advised to choose a regular power supply. Regular power adapter, we first look at the nameplate logo, there will be safety symbols, some will be marked with a certificate number Manufacturer information, or factory abbreviation or full name., or LOGO, we will require 3C certification in the domestic market, so we should pay attention to observe this information during the purchase process, avoid buying inferior Cottage products.


In addition to not using a poor quality power adapter, we should also pay attention to the original power adapter, even if it is replaced, also choose the power adapter corresponding to the output voltage of the product, assuming that our router's power adapter is broken, it used before Is the 9V1A power adapter, then we can only change the 9V power adapter, otherwise the router will not be able to use, or even burn out, this is the voltage, for the matching power adapter output current, we must pay special attention, must not be less than The original output current, otherwise the power adapter will be overloaded. If it is overloaded, the power supply will be hot, or the protection will be outputless or even damaged.

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