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What Is The Use Of Switching Power ?
Jan 11, 2019

Many people may not know what the switching power adapter is. In fact, it can be seen everywhere in our daily life. For example, the power of the notebook, the rectangular power supply in front of the TV, this power is called the desktop switching power adapter. For example, mobile phone. The charger, the power supply of the router, etc. This kind of power plugged into the power strip is called a wall-mounted switching power adapter. It can be said that it is everywhere around us.


The switching power adapter is composed of a plastic case that we can see, a PIN pin that contacts the power supply, a transformer inside, a rectifier circuit, etc. It can be said that the power source is the heart of the electronic device. No power electronics will not work properly. Switching power adapter The popular point is to convert the AC power of our mains into the DC power required by electronic products. However, the DC voltage and power used by different product locks are different. Therefore, the performance is different. The size is also different.

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