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What Is The Cause Of The Phone Charging Slowdown?
Dec 29, 2018

Mobile phones are more and more intelligent electronic products used by people, and as the functions of mobile phones become more and more abundant, the power naturally becomes a big problem. Sometimes the phone is charged for a long time, but the power is only a little bit, then in the end is the influx of the charging slowdown or the phone's own battery?

In fact, there are many reasons that affect the slow charging of mobile phones. If the voltage is unstable, the lithium battery will automatically open the protective barrier to prevent frequent charging. Or the charger plug is different, the charging cable is not plugged in, and so on. In fact, the main reasons are the following three points!

First, the problem with the charging plug

To charge the mobile phone, you need to choose the charging plug. For Apple, the original charger of Apple was 5V1A output. With the PD series and QC3.0 fast charging products entering the market, many consumers have chosen the latter. Because the charging speed of the latter is really fast, but the problem that comes with it is that there are a lot of inferior chargers, and the charger itself has a service life. The longer it is used, the aging of electronic components. Waiting for the problem, charging is slow is a normal thing.

Second, the problem of the charging line

From the surface of the wire, there is no difference between the original line, but the price is a lot different. For Apple wire, the wire is certified by MFi. However, many wires on the market have not been certified at all. So, sometimes when charging, the phone will prompt the hardware does not match and other information, which is one of the main reasons for slow charging.

Third, the charging temperature

Temperature has a certain effect on the charging speed. In a low temperature environment, the low temperature protection mechanism of the lithium battery will start, resulting in failure to charge or slow down the charging speed; in a warmer environment, the lithium battery will work well. Of course, the hotter the better, the overheated environment will cause the battery to be scrapped.

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