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What Does The Nominal Voltage And Current Of The Power Adapter Mean?
Oct 11, 2018

First, the General Power adapter (hereinafter referred to as the power supply) nominal voltage, refers to the open-circuit output voltage, that is, no load outside, no current output voltage, so it can be understood that this voltage is the upper limit of the power output voltage.

For the power internal use of active voltage regulator of the case, even if the mains voltage fluctuations, its output is also constant, like the general small transformers on the market, such as Walkman and other matching power supply, if the mains fluctuation, the output of the power supply will not fluctuate with it.

Generally speaking, the real no-load voltage of the ordinary power adapter is not necessarily the same as the nominal voltage, because the characteristics of the electronic components can not be fully consistent, so there is a certain error, the smaller the error, the consistency of the electronic components requirements, the higher the cost of production, so the price is more expensive.

In addition, about the nominal current value, regardless of any power supply has a certain internal resistance, so when the power output current, will generate pressure drop inside, resulting in two things, one is to generate heat, so the power will be hot, the other is to cause the output voltage is reduced, equivalent to internal consumption.

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