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Type Of Special Component In The Power Adapter
Dec 18, 2018

1. Fast Recovery Diode (FRD)----The recovery time of the fast recovery diode is generally several hundred nanoseconds, the forward voltage drop is 0.6V~1V, and the forward current is several amperes to several thousand amperes. The peak voltage can range from a few hundred volts to several thousand volts and can be used as an output rectifier in the power adapter and as a blocking diode for the primary side clamp protection circuit.

2. Ultra-fast recovery diode (SRD)----Ultra-fast recovery diode is developed on the basis of fast recovery diode, its reverse recovery charge is further reduced, and the reverse recovery time can be as low as tens of nanoseconds. It can be used as a power adapter adapter output rectifier, blocking diode, and rectifier in the feedback circuit.

3. Schottky Diode (SBD)----referred to as Schottky barrier diode, which is a low-voltage, low-power, high-current, ultra-high-speed semiconductor power device with a reverse recovery time as small as a few nanometers. In seconds, the forward voltage drop is only about 0.4V, and the rectified current can reach tens to hundreds of amps. It is especially suitable as a rectifier diode and freewheeling diode in the low-voltage output circuit of the power adapter charger.

4. Transient Voltage Suppression Diode (TVS)----also known as transient voltage suppressor, which has extremely fast response and stable clamp voltage. It is a new overvoltage protection device that can be used to protect power adapter PWM integration. Circuits, MOS power devices, and other voltage-sensitive semiconductor devices.

5. Bidirectional Trigger Diode (DIAC)----also known as two-terminal AC device, often used with thyristor to form a power adapter transformer output overvoltage protection circuit.

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