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Switching Power Supply Grounding Advantages
Dec 29, 2018

The role of switching power supply grounding mainly includes the following aspects:

1. Improve the stability of the switching power supply circuit system, which is conducive to suppressing interference.

The ground of the switching power supply is connected to the ground to improve the stability of the operation of the electronic equipment and the circuit system. If the electronic device is not connected to the earth, it will exhibit a certain potential with respect to the earth. The potential will change under the action of the external interference field, resulting in unstable operation of the circuit system. If the "ground" of the electronic device is connected to the earth. By making it at a true zero potential, it can effectively suppress interference.

2. The grounding of the switching power supply can discharge the accumulated charge on the chassis due to electrostatic induction and avoid interference caused by charge accumulation. Through grounding, the charge accumulated in the chassis and the line due to electrostatic induction can be released, and the high voltage caused by the accumulation of electric charge can be prevented from causing interference and damage caused by internal discharge of the device. The grounding of the switching power supply case can achieve the purpose of electrostatic shielding and electromagnetic shielding.

3. The grounding of the switching power supply can provide security for electronic equipment and operators. The output of the switching power adapter or the casing of the electronic device has zero potential to the earth, and there is no floating voltage, and there is no feeling of static electricity and electric shock.

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