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Switching Power Adapter Specifications
Jan 11, 2019

AC input electrical requirements General switching power adapter input voltage range: AC 100 ~ 240V AC voltage adjustment range: 90 ~ 264V AC input voltage frequency: 50 ~ 60Hz frequency adjustment range: 47 ~ 63Hz, DC output electrical requirements have rated output Voltage (V) and current (A), output voltage regulation is 5% of output voltage, voltage regulation accuracy is voltage regulation and load regulation, transient response, output ripple voltage and ripple current, ripple and noise (mVp-p) General electrical insulation part, the electrical insulation of the switching power supply adapter is an important part of the safety index. The factory switching power supply must pass the electrical insulation test before it can be put into the market, and the electrical insulation test of the AC input end to the DC output end. Leakage current test, such as high voltage test > 3KV, 10mA, 5S, insulation withstand voltage (between primary and secondary) requires 3000VAC, 60s, 15mA MAX. Leakage current requirements are 0.25mA MAX 264VAC.

The switching power adapter must have perfect protection measures. The common protections are overcurrent protection, short circuit protection, overvoltage protection, reverse polarity protection and overheat protection. If necessary, input and output voltage and current monitoring can be added. , protection relays, alarms, automatic / manual reset circuits, etc.. Conditional tests should also be carried out on the prototype.

Environmental working conditions include working environment temperature, storage temperature, relative humidity, height, and heat dissipation conditions (generally natural cooling or fan cooling).

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