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Power Adapter Repair Tips
Nov 19, 2018

If the power adapter is broken, it can't be bought and used urgently. What should we do?

     First: If there is a problem with the original adapter, it can't be repaired or it can't be repaired, you can use other adapters instead. As long as the output voltage and power are roughly equivalent. There is also a voltage regulator circuit inside the laptop, don't worry too much about the output voltage mismatch. In the repair, the first step is to prepare the tool. We need a multimeter, a screwdriver, and a welding tool.


     Second: There are four plastic caps on the power adapter. Do not damage the adapter casing as much as possible. After the shell is damaged, electromagnetic radiation will be strengthened and the machine will be stable. If the casing is damaged, try to repair it. During the disassembly process, if the external power supply is not powered, you can try plugging in the battery. If the machine can start normally, there may be a problem with the power cord or the adapter. Open the appearance, after opening the shield, it is best to first check the solder fillet and observe it with the naked eye. The circuit is intermittent and generally has poor contact. Then use a multimeter to check if the power cord is in question.


     Third: During the test, if the resistance pin is found to be soldered, use the soldering tool to repair the soldering. Install the power adapter, start the test, and solve the problem. If you are in the process of testing, If there is a problem with a certain capacitor, you can purchase a capacitor of the same model and capacity, solder the faulty capacitor, and solder the new capacitor. If you find that there is a problem with the IC power cord, you can follow the same method. Of course, since the IC chip is definitely one of the most important electronic components in the power adapter, the capacitance is too complicated.


     Fourth: Since the current power adapter has already used a large number of patch components, once the component has a problem, the maintenance is more difficult. The power of the power adapter is increasing day by day, and the test of electronic components is getting bigger and bigger. If the quality of the electronic components used in the power adapter is not good and the PCB is improperly wired, it is likely to increase the probability of failure. Therefore, it is very important to buy a good quality power adapter!


     Fifth: Check the capacitor resistance and inductance for any problems. If the capacitor has a bulge, it is best to replace it in time to avoid potential hazards.

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