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Power Adapter Charging Understanding
Nov 19, 2018

1. whilst not charging, will the charger be plugged into the socket and consume power? is it risky to no longer pull it out?

The regular energy adapter's no-load power intake could be very low, and there are security measures, so it is essentially secure, however for strength-saving reasons, it's far higher to pull it out whilst no longer in use.

2. why do you feel the electrical hand when you contact the metallic case together with your hand whilst charging the digital made from the steel case? is it risky?

This type of contact "touch contemporary" is as a result of the allotted capacitance in the charger, and it will now not motive harm to humans. it's going to only be "palms on the face", no danger, no need to worry an excessive amount of.

3、what circumstances will the electric shock occur when the phone is charging?

There are 4 critical links: 1. the charger leaks, and the harmful voltage is brought about the 5v ground of the mobile cellphone power deliver; 2. the cellular telephone has metal coating or steel part, and the metallic aspect is hooked up with the ground wire; three. the human touches the steel edge, the human frame the alternative elements are grounded to shape a ground loop; 4. the house leakage protector fails, or on no account, and only when those conditions are met can the electrical shock be possible.

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