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Key Materials In The Power Supply
Dec 20, 2018

1, electrolytic capacitor

Electrolytic capacitors are temperature-sensitive devices in power adapter devices. From this perspective, the quality of electrolytic capacitors determines the life of power supply devices to a certain extent, and the performance of AC-DC power adapter products is outstanding.

2. Primary switch tube (MOS tube)

Such switching devices are in a high-speed switching state and are subject to high voltage stress and current stress. The heat generated by the switching loss is also an accelerated aging of the device, and is also susceptible to breakdown by external high voltage interference.

3. High frequency power transformer

When the high-frequency transformer is transmitting energy, the internal loss will cause it to heat up, and the heat dissipated will also affect the life of the transformer material. Common transformer faults include insulation breakdown, winding burnout, and copper wire breakage.

4. Multilayer ceramic capacitor

The problem with patch ceramic capacitors is that the solder joints of the capacitors may crack due to some stress. In order to minimize the possibility of occurrence, it is recommended to avoid the parallel use of multiple ceramic capacitors.

5. Output rectifier diode

The diode is mainly subjected to two major electrical stresses, including reverse withstand voltage and forward current, while the diode is also a heating device. In order to guarantee the service life of this device, we will have enough margin in the design to ensure the mass performance of the power adapter.

6. Photocoupler

The current transfer ratio (CTR) will gradually decrease over time. In order to keep the loop stable, the current of the LED will continue to increase, eventually reaching its limit value, resulting in damage to the optocoupler.

In summary, the value of the power adapter module is not in the module itself, but in the process level to ensure batch quality. What consumers need is also the safety and reliability of the power adapter, which reduces the production and maintenance costs of the product.

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