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How To Deal With The Adapter EMC Problem
Dec 05, 2018

Reduce Adapter Interference Source Interference

Optimize the electrical structure of the equipment: For inductive loads such as motors, the current noise can be reduced by the internal filter circuit and mechanical structure; the printed circuit boards of various electronic control units should optimize the wiring and reduce the electromagnetic emission level. For example, if the LDO can meet the demand, do not use the Buck and Boost circuits with large electromagnetic interference.

Reduce adapter coupling path

Shielding interference source equipment and related wiring harnesses: The main electronic control unit in the car is packaged in a shielded housing as much as possible. The PCB board is as close as possible to the complete formation. With a lot of problems in the entire formation, it will not be a problem.

Improve the adapter's interference with the device's anti-interference ability

Reduce the area where the equipment receives interference: The wiring harness should be designed to have a minimum length, a minimum impedance, and a minimum loop area. It is best to use a twisted pair that has a small loop area.

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