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How To Choose A High Quality Power Adapter?
Dec 22, 2018

The first step, of course, is to buy a high quality power adapter. Buying is of course not to say that you have money, you can buy high quality; nor that the cheaper the higher the quality, because many cheap power supplies are more likely to be inferior products. In detail, when purchasing a power adapter, users should note the following:


(1) Preferred products that have been certified by “CCC”, if possible, check the authenticity and validity of their certificates on relevant websites.


 (2) Check the identification of the power adapter. Qualified products must contain information such as the rated input voltage or rated voltage range, the symbol of the power supply, safety instructions, etc. Consumers should not purchase a power adapter with a full foreign language logo.

(3) Select the power adapter that matches the whole machine. Before purchasing the power adapter, you need to know the basic information such as the electrical parameters of the whole machine used with it, and the output voltage must be consistent with the rated voltage of the whole machine.

(4) Check the plug and connector of the power adapter. Loose interface will make the current received by the whole machine unstable, and it may form a large instantaneous current, which will cause damage to the whole machine. If the interface is too tight, it will not be easy to insert or remove the interface.

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