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European Standard And US Standard Power Adapter Difference
Nov 19, 2018

We all know that each country has its own technology, just like the coins of each country are different. The power adapters produced are definitely different. Today we typically say the difference between a European power adapter and a US power adapter.

1. The interface is not the same as the universal charger standard for mobile phones. It was promulgated on November 14, 2006 and officially started on June 14, 2007, and is enforced. The standard stipulates that the universal charger will take the form of a USB data cable plus a USB port charger, which solves the problem of incompatibility of mobile phone chargers for many years.

2. The difference between voltage and certification is usually 230V voltage. American 110V; EU implements CE certification, and the United States implements UL certification. In general, these two big differences are different. In addition, the chargers in these two regions cannot be used universally because their voltage plugs are different.

3. Countries using US-based chargers in different countries are used in Germany, France, the Netherlands, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Austria, Belgium, Hungary, Spain, Sweden and other EU countries. The countries where the European standard chargers are used are the United States, Canada, Japan, Brazil, the Philippines, Thailand and other countries and Taiwan. These points are the difference between the European standard charger and the US standard charger.

In fact, each country's products will have their own characteristics and advantages. Therefore, it is normal to have a difference that is not universal.

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