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Choice Of Power Adapter In Different Situations
Oct 11, 2018

Generally 36W below the use of plug-in wall power adapter, the characteristics of this power adapter is not required AC wire, so the cost is more economical, save space, do not need to put the power of the table cargo space. Insert directly onto the board. is also more secure. There are a few 36W of the following power adapter desktop, this is generally due to the use of the product from the AC board distance or because the power adapter is larger, the quality is heavier, or the power adapter above the weight of heavy hanging. For example, multi-port USB power adapter, in order to avoid the use of plug-in USB products are more than the situation caused by the instability. The power adapter greater than 36W is not suitable for wall-mounted. Because it is larger in size and weight.

So 36W above the general use of desktop-style. In the early days, we had more contact with linear power. For example, the repetition machine used in the last century. Single discharge machine, its power supply bulky volume is also larger. You may also encounter an embarrassing situation where the plug is directly from the top of the board because of the instability. But with the development of science and technology. As well as the increasing tension over energy, the demand for energy efficiency, consumer electronics to the power adapter has high efficiency, wide input voltage range requirements, as well as copper, iron and labor costs increased, this linear transformer is gradually replaced by switching power adapter.

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