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Certification Marks And Nouns In Countries Around The World
Dec 21, 2018

1, power adapter CE certification

The use of CE-certified products is becoming more and more extensive. If there is a CE mark in a product, it represents the requirements of a series of European directives such as safety, hygiene, environmental protection and consumer protection. If the product can meet the relevant requirements, the CE mark can be attached, but it does not meet the relevant requirements, which is the opposite. (People think that CE is not a certification, just self-declaration, generally shipping Europe will make this statement)

2, power adapter CCC certification

The so-called 3C certification, this certification was born on May 1, 2002, CCC is the abbreviation of English Chinacompulsorycertification, meaning "China compulsory certification." If the product is listed in the “First Catalogue of Products Subject to Compulsory Product Certification” issued by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine and the National Certification and Accreditation Administration, it is necessary to implement mandatory testing and auditing of the product. If the products listed in the catalogue are not certified by the designated institution and are not certified according to the regulations, they cannot be sold, imported or shipped. After the implementation of this logo, it replaced the original "Great Wall" logo. The "Great Wall" logo has been invalidated since May 1, 2003. It should be noted that the 3C mark is not a quality mark, but a basic safety certification.

3, power adapter CQC certification

China Quality Certification Center (CQC) can obtain CQC certification, and then the product with CQC certification mark is certified by the national certification body. The purpose of certification is safe and meets the quality standards of national response.

4, power adapter CB certification

CB system (IEC system for qualified testing and certification of electrical products) is an international system operated by IECEE. The certification bodies of IECEE member countries test the safety performance of electrical products based on IEC standards. The test results are CB test reports and The CB test certificate is mutually recognized in the IECEE member states. The aim is to reduce international trade barriers that arise from the need to meet different national certification or approval criteria. IECEE is the abbreviation of the International Electrotechnical Commission's Electrical Product Qualification Testing and Certification Organization.

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