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Can A Similar Power Adapter Be Used On The Same Computer?
Oct 11, 2018

Are the same nominal voltage power supply, the output current is different, can be used on the same laptop? The Power adapter (hereinafter referred to as the power supply) voltage, the output current is different, can be used on the same laptop. The basic principle is that a power supply with a large nominal current can replace a small nominal current. It is estimated that some people think that the power of the large nominal current will burn the books, because the current is big.

In fact, how much current in the same voltage situation depends on the load, hehe, think of junior high school physics will know. When the laptop high-load operation, the current is larger, the laptop into the standby, the current is smaller, a large nominal current power supply has enough current margin. Conversely, someone with 56w power supply instead of 72w use up also no problem, the reason is usually the design of the power adapter has a certain amount of headroom, load power is less than the power supply power, so this substitution in general use is feasible, but the remaining power reserve is very small, once your laptop connected a lot of peripherals, such as two pieces of USB hard disk, and then the CPU running at full speed, and then have a base, the top of the CD-ROM full-speed reading disk, coupled with the battery charge, it is estimated that the danger, to feel at any time with your hand to touch your power is not already can boil eggs. Therefore, it is better not to use small current power supply instead of large current.

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