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Battery Charging Control Method
Oct 11, 2018

In order to prevent the battery overcharge, it is necessary to control the end of charging, when the battery is full, there will be some special information can be used to determine whether the charge reached the end.

There are generally six ways to prevent the battery from being overcharge:

1. Peak voltage control: Determine the end point of the charge by detecting the peak voltage of the battery;

2. DT/DT control: Determine the end point of charging by detecting the peak temperature change rate of the battery;

3. T control: When the battery is fully charged, the difference between temperature and ambient temperature will be maximized.

4.-V Control: When the battery is fully charged to a peak voltage, the voltage drops a certain value

5. Timing control: By setting a certain charge time to control the charging endpoint, the general setting to charge 130% of the nominal capacity of the time required to control; 6. TCO Control: Consider the safety and characteristics of the battery should avoid charging at high temperatures (other than high temperature batteries), so when the battery temperature rises to a few OC should stop charging.

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